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University City

University City is an all-encompassing term for the easternmost part of West Philadelphia directly across the Schuylkill River.    The University of Pennsylvanian (AKA UPenn) was the dominant influence for the neighborhood’s new title of U-City.    Of course, Drexel University and the University of the Sciences are also part of the family.


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Powelton Village is a national historic district to part of University City, north of Market up to Spring Garden Street, east of 32nd Street and ending at 44th Street (where it meets Spring Garden).


The Powel Family of the 17th century held estates in the area before it was urbanized with the presence of trolleys and became a prime residential spot for other businessmen of the time.    By the 1940s, it was populated with gangs and low-income families.   In the 1960s, it became home to members of the counterculture movement and today is known for strong political activism and an anarchist tradition.


Commercial activity is robust, especially along Lancaster Avenue, and these businesses benefit from local residents and college students alike.    Residences in the area are mostly Victorian style twin homes, a large percentage of which has been transformed into apartment buildings for student housing.    Gardens, trees, and lush greenery maintain the suburban feel in the midst of all the action.