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Society Hill

One of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Society Hill was first settled in the 1680s.  Filled with spectacular colonial architecture, this pocket lies within the Delaware River and 7th Street and from Lombard to Vine Sts.


The history of Society Hill is quite intriguing.   Being in close proximity to Independence Hall and other civic buildings, it became quite populated early in its existence and housed the most affluent citizens.    In the 1940s, as development began westward, this area was basically abandoned and became a slum until the urban renewal program in the 1950s took control.    Much of Society Hill’s redevelopment is thanks to architect and urban planner, Edmund Bacon, father of famous actor, Kevin Bacon.    Meanwhile, the notable architect I.M. Pei constructed the well-known and loved three 31-story Society Hill Towers and other smaller townhomes in the area.


With affluence abounding in the area once again, the neighborhood features terrific restaurants, parks, shops, public transit routes, and the McCall School district.


Average Area Sale Price – $740,710


*Reported by Trend MLS, based on the past 12 months as of 6/5/2017.