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Northeast Philadelphia

Northeast Philadelphia is a sizable section of our fine city with nearly ¼ of the total population residing here.   Bound by the Delaware River to the east, Bucks County to the north, Montgomery County to the west, and Adams Avenue to the south.


There are certainly areas of Northeast Philly that are considered the “Near Northeast” meaning closer to Center City.    Among these areas are Fishtown, Kensington, and Port Richmond.     Cottman Avenue is the unofficial line that separates “near” and “far” Northeast.


The population’s large majority is represented by working class Irish Americans, along with heavy Polish, German, Jewish, Italian, and Russian influence.    Of course, many areas in the “near” Northeast have had an influx of immigrants and young urban professionals who can easily commute into Center City.


Gentrification is a term being used in Philadelphia a lot these days, and its no different here.   Sectors of the “near” Northeast have been in a development boom, especially Fishtown in the past few years.


Modern day homebuyers are highly attracted to the unique and close knit community atmosphere of these various neighborhoods, each with a style all their own.