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Dickinson Narrows

To many native residents, the neighborhood of Dickinson Narrows is relatively new.   The area is a small section between larger neighborhoods that eventually earned its own name.   Boundaries are Washington Avenue to Mifflin Street and 4th to 6th Streets.


The middle child of Passyunk Square and Pennsport, this area of the city has grown substantially in popularity and real estate value of the last few years.   In 2015, named Dickinson Narrows #2 in the Top 10 “Hottest Neighborhoods of 2015”.


The demolition of the former Mount Sinai Hospital (which closed in 1997) into the new Southwark Residencies was a huge contributing factor.    In addition to these newer top of the line residences, the area offers many late Victorian style homes that were built in 1865 to accommodate the hospital personnel when it was functioning at its peak.