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Brewerytown runs between the Schuylkill River and 25th Street, and Cecil B Moore Avenue and Parrish Street.    Being just north of the sought after Fairmount neighborhood, it was only a matter of time before Brewerytown (we prefer B-town; let’s make this a thing) developers were hit with renovation fever.

Named after the numerous breweries (700 at its peak, to be exact) that lined the Schuylkill River during the late 19th century, it is now a primarily residential area with a business sector on Girard Avenue.   Otto Wolf, German architect of the early 20th century, was responsible for much of the expansion during this time, overseeing the construction of over 60 buildings.


Unfortunately for the original breweries, Prohibition moved beer production to the Midwestern US and every single brewer was gone by 1987.   However, B-town can still honor its name since the opening of Crime and Punishment Brewing Company in 2015.


Over the past 10 years specifically, the area has undergone extreme transformation.   Most recently known as a poor disheveled area, developers have spent literally millions of dollars (MM Partners being a notable contributor) into its revival.     Large 3-story homes with roof decks sit next to small boarded up homes.    “Gentrification” has been shouted by some long term residents, but many are also excited to see long empty homes with new life.


Why move into Brewerytown?   Not only is potential for rapid appreciation likely, but brand new homes are more affordable than in other neighborhoods.   Girard Avenue has a great growing restaurant and retail scene.    You’re walking or biking distance to the Art Museum Area and Center City without the premium price tag.