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So, you think it’s time to buy a house.    It can be exciting and scary at the same time!   Change is always a bit scary, and especially if this is your first home purchase.    The good news is you’ve found the right place and the right person to help you decide your next move.  Let us worry about all of the minor details so you can focus on the big picture.   

Want to learn how we create satisfied homeowners time and time again?   Yes?  Good!   Because we want to tell you.

Fill out a contact form or call Christina at 267.231.5484 to schedule a buyer consultation or simply ask a few questions to get started!


Being officially certified as a Renovation Specialist with AnnieMac, we can educate buyers who want to build their dream home, but need a little help with funding. Purchasing a less expensive home and hiring professionals to conduct the renovations gives buyers the opportunity to build their dream home and produce instant equity!

It may seem scary, but not if you have the right person to guide you step by step. Fill out the contact form for more information or email Christina Briglia directly at!