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Giving Students a Voice at Andrew Jackson

post by Erica Minutella Welcome to our new series of interviews with local Philly schools, to give you a behind-the-scenes look into the day-to-day activities of the students, parents, and teachers involved in making a school a second home. The next up in our series is Andrew Jackson Elementary School, serving the Bella Vista and Passyunk Square neighborhoods. We spoke with Principal Kelly Espinosa, who gave us a peak into what a typical day at the school is like for the students there. Can you tell me about your role there and how you're settling into Andrew Jackson School? I...

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Project-Based Learning Opens Up a Whole New World for Kids

post by Erica Minutella When you move to a new city, or even just a new neighborhood, one of the first concerns you might have to address is what the school system is like, and how easy a transition to a new school will be for your child. But when you're confronted with nothing but aggregate sites full of facts and figures, it can be difficult to get the full picture of what your child's experience at any given school will actually be like. That's why we're launching a new series of interviews with local Philly schools, to give you...

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