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Know Your Neigborhood: Bella Vista

post by Erica Minutella The Bella Vista Neighbors Association (BVNA) has been around since 1992, but it's seen a lot of changes since the early years. Originally formed as a neighborhood town watch, the volunteer organization now oversees a number of efforts, from zoning to planning local events. We spoke with Executive Director Eugene Desyatnik about what exactly the association does, and how neighbors can get more involved in their local community. Erica: What sort of programs does the Bella Vista Neighbors Association offer for residents? And how can community members get involved in helping out? Eugene: Community members are...

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How to Live Like a Roman: Philly-Style

post by Erica Minutella One thing the Romans knew how to do well was work hard, and play harder. This March 15, live like a Roman for a day and treat yourself to some middle-of-the-week luxury. Here are our recommendations for how to do Philly like a Roman:   To Market, To Market: While they may have been innovators in the field of plumbing, food storage was still a long way away from achieving long-term results. So Romans were pretty big on fresh groceries, which meant having to go to market every day. It just so happens that the Reading...

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A President’s Day Tour of Philadelphia

post by Erica Minutella What do you do on President's Day? Go on a presidents' tour of Philly, of course! Did you know that beyond the more well-known historical attractions in the city, Philly has a wealth of memorials to cool presidents past? We've rounded up our favorite lesser-known 'national treasures' below. Graff House: You've probably been to Independence Hall, but why not swing by for a visit to the house where the Declaration of Independence was originally drafted? Every writer needs a place of inspiration, and Thomas Jefferson certainly found his among the second floor rooms there. Museum of...

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4 Party Games for Halloween

post by Erica Minutella A house party can be about so much more than gathering all of your friends together in the same space for good conversation and good eats. It can be a chance to celebrate the traits that make your friendships last: humor, creativity, imagination. It can be a chance to make memories that last just as long as those friendships. Most importantly, it can be a chance to have fun in the way only kids can: by finding adventure in the everyday. What's the easiest way to turn your house party into something that can achieve all...

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5 South Philly Breakfast Spots for When Your Home Kitchen Is in Chaos

post by Erica Minutella The day after a big move, before the kitchen is setup and after the initial stress has dissipated, few things work better as a pick-me-up than going out for a big breakfast with the family. If you’re lucky enough to have made the move to South Philly, prepare yourself for a local wonderland of colorful bakeries, coffee shop hideaways, and friendly neighborhood diners. To make your post-move-in experience as easy as possible, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite local breakfast spots. [caption id="attachment_667" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo by Carissa Gan on Unsplash[/caption] Café Chicco, 2532...

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This Father’s Day, Connect with Philly: 6 Local Things to Do with Dad

Post by Erica J. Minutella It can be hard enough to find just the right present for dad on Father's Day, but add moving to a new and unfamiliar city to the mix and planning something special can feel downright impossible. So for the new homeowners out there, we rounded up some of our favorite local activities to make your Father's Day in a new place feel like Father's Day at home. For the Foodie Dads: Dim sum rhymes with endless yum for a reason. Head over to Chinatown to treat dad to a never-ending variety of fluffy, flavorful dumplings,...

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