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Why Stamped Concrete Makes Sense For Your Home

guest post by Bill Michaels City dwellers are accustomed to living in the “concrete jungle.” Life can be exciting amidst the many neighborhoods and activities of urban life. The concrete itself is usually pretty boring, though. Philadelphia has unique ways of bringing some life to the drab surface, like its world-famous murals in unexpected places. But there is another way to bring life to this grey blandness: stamped concrete. Whether you only have a couple square feet of sidewalk or a large patio and driveway, stamped concrete can add some character to your home. With its huge variety of designs,...

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Top News in Philly Development: June 2019

Ever feel like Philly changes so fast you can’t keep up? No sweat. We’ll be bringing you our favorite articles from the month on Philly development – North, South, East, and West. See below for a roundup of all the best local articles from May news. Real Estate Trends and Market Updates: Philly housing costs rising faster for poor and middle-income residents than for the wealthy What: A new study finds that from 2007-18, housing costs for those making below the national median income rose by 8 percent in Philadelphia. Where: Metro Energy Efficiency Regulations Are Hitting U.S. Cities. How...

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