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Our Pitch for Why Philly Is the Place Amazon Should Call Home

post by Erica Minutella If you ask me where I got my new patio cushions, or that cute party dress, or the gladiator costume you saw on my cat, the answer will be the same every time: Amazon. It's a bastion of reliable necessities, motley oddities, and affordable desires. In fact, in that way, it's a bit like Philly. Because as cities go, Philly breaks expectations by meeting every expectation, no matter how strange or seemingly impossible. It's equal parts quaint, sophisticated, down-to-earth, cultured, grungy, with a little bit of something to offer every personality type and an outlet for...

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Four Interior Design Lessons I Learned from Playing Design Home

post by Erica Minutella If you haven't already downloaded the Design Home app, you might want to give it a try. The app sets a series of interior design challenges for its users by presenting a series of unfurnished virtual rooms in need of a few finishing touches. The user can then select from an array of furniture and home decor items and begin populating the empty rooms with personality and comfort. It's a challenge infinitely more satisfying than anything Candy Crush can throw at you, but it comes with some additional benefits you wouldn't necessarily expect - like learning...

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How to Know Philly: the 7 Best Local Websites

post by Erica Minutella When you first move to a new city, finding new daily routines and local hangouts can feel a bit overwhelming. So we've compiled a list of the best online resources that Philadelphia has to offer - whether that involves filling up your social calendar, visiting cool cultural attractions, or simply keeping up-to-date with a Philly that keeps getting better. Drink Philly: A new job in a  new location requires a new go-to happy hour spot. Drink Philly offers an exhaustive breakdown of the region's best specials, longest craft beer menus, and tastiest cocktails. Not to mention...

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